Facing my Truths – Day 30

I shall remain job free for as long as I can. The end.


Facing my Truths – Day 29

I love not having to worry about my hair. Everyday is a good hair day unless I need a haircut :-).


Facing my Truths – Day 28

As soon as I hit send I will be leaving for the airport. I have always wanted to go to Haiti but hadn’t made it yet. Finally getting to visit for the first time. Hope it won’t be my last.


Facing my Truths – Day 27

I refuse to accept any kind of religion because from what I’ve seen every time religion was brought to a people they lost their identity, freedom, and land. This is my truth. I’m not asking anyone to go along with it. I’m speaking for myself and only myself.

Facing my Truths – Day 26

I got to day 25. Left for a trip and didn’t post while I was gone. I know the month is over but I want to finish the 30 days series. I’m just going to continue on with day 26.

Day 26 – I need to realize I can’t save everyone and I can only help those who want to help themselves otherwise they will just continue to drain me.