Celebrating a New Chapter in my life – Come Travel With Me

I’ve been retired from the Air Force since 1 April 2012 and I’ve been relaxing and traveling. Based on the questions I’ve been getting and folks interests in my travel, I’ve realized a lot of people want to travel also but are not able to do so on a whim and need to make long-term plans because of jobs and family obligations. I’ve been doing research on how I can help you realize your dream and finally decided on getting into the travel business as an agent. I’m just starting out and still learning. I decided to partner with Swift Travel Deals because it offers me training in the travel business and the ability to run my own business. There are a lot of travel businesses out there but I’m not in the business of recruiting. Swift Travel deals allows me to work with you to offer travel deals. So how can I help you?

If you’d like to save UP to 40 percent on travel by using our travel services? I want to give you a quick overview on the services.

With Swift Travel Deals, you can travel anywhere in the world and use Easy Pay Installment Plan on yachts, vacation packages, business travel, tours, hotels, car rental, and air. There are no interest fees, no credit checks, or financing, simply place a small deposit on your trip and make payments over time (up to 45 days before you depart for vacations and 60-90 days for cruises). For example, if you wanted to visit Brazil or Italy, you could book your flight and hotel package up to a year in advance with only $300 down or if you wanted to go to Miami or Walt Disney World in Orlando, the deposit would be even less, around $200 down with air and hotel or air and rental car. We will issue your booking confirmation and you make payments until your final payment due date. No monthly payments required. We’ve been featured in every major news outlet Fox, Yahoo, NY Times, Huffington Post, MSN, etc. and our goal is to help everyone travel the world regardless of their budget or special need. If you need a quote for travel, feel free to contact me directly or click on the website link and request a free quote. Thanks you for your time. Looking forward to working with you to make your travel deals come true.


Operation Exit: Week One – 11 Sept 2016 – 17 Sept 2016

Operation Exit: Week One – 11 Sept 2016 – 17 Sept 2016

I participated in this writing project my niece Write to Bliss put together. It was called The Love Habit. She ascribed one love habit per day and one could write publicly or in one’s journal. I wanted to hold myself accountable so I decided to write publicly on Instagram. At the end of the 21 days (It took me a little longer than 21 days because I didn’t always do it everyday but I picked up where I last eft off) I realized I needed to make a change. I am moving to another country. I set my exit date two years from 10 September 2016.
You know that life is meant for living and that you have only one life to live. Show the world you aim to make it count. You can only die once. Stop living in fear. This is my new life motto. Well, it has always been but now I’m actually going to put it into practice. I will be making weekly updates on how and what I’m doing to get to my goal. Follow me why don’t you? Thanks.


My Trip to Kenya – Part 3 of 3

My Trip to Kenya Part 3

Picking up where I left off from part 2.

Today (8 June 2015) is the last day in Kenya for my friend and her daughter. We took a Mombassa City tour and got some shopping in. Had lunch and it was time to head to the airport to drop them off for their return trip to the US of A. It was sad to see them leave. I was now on my own for the next seven days.

The following day I just loughed at the pool and read for the most part. The day after that I went to the supermarket and purchased some groceries. I had lunch while I was out and took advantage of the free wifi at the mall to make a few phone calls on WhatsApp to family and friends. The next few days I borrowed two books from reception and just relaxed at the resort. I had the pool all to myself since it was low season and I think only four of the units were occupied.

IMG_3597on 12 June 2015 I departed for the South Coast of Mombassa and my last four days in Kenya. The resort was beautiful even though I had to run away from monkeys on a few occasions to get to my room. I whiled away my days at the resort sunbathing, eating, drinking, reading etc., and spent my evenings/nights with some locals exploring the local area and nightlife. All in all it was a fantastic trip and I hope to visit again. Hopefully do a lot more site seeing next time.