Facing my truths – Day 20

I want this to be true but sometimes I find myself counting the creases on my forehead and the folds in my neck. Advertisements

Facing my Truths – Day 16

I have a million and one notebooks. Each of them partially filled with tidbits of life lessons I’ve copied from books, magazines etc., my deepest darkest secrets, financial plans, whatever was on my mind at any given moment when I was feeling philosophical, happy, sad, maligned, hated, loved. I need to gather them all up,…

Facing my Truths – Day 15

I’ll never be as slim as I was when I was twenty-one. I’m learning to accept that. I’m just trying to be healthy at this stage of my life.

Facing my Truths – Day 11

I spend way too much time on Facebook. Starting today I will cut time spent on Facebook by 50%. Hopefully I can catch up on my reading. There are some books I want to read again and I’ve added some new titles to my must read list. This is the first place I’ve lived where…

Facing my Truths – Day 10

Thoughts crash like waves against the rocks on the shores of the ocean, into the crevices of the folds in my brain. I can’t always put those thoughts into words. If I could, I’d probably be the next great best-selling novelist :-).