My Little Blue Book


Recently while doing some decluttering, I found this little blue book I used back in 1998 to write down stuff I wanted to remember or things I wanted to put into practice. Things I found in magazine articles or in books. My handwriting was pretty good back then (lol). The topics ranged from exercise programs to motivational inspiration. I think I’ll go through it and actually do the stuff in there.


One of the entries which I’m definitely going to put into practice is this one titled To Enhance Energy and Well-Being: Sit up straight in a chair or on the floor. Place arms parallel to your sides and bend them at the elbows, with your hands clenched in fists at shoulder height. Inhale through your nose as you straighten your arms above you, extending your fingers. Then exhale while lowering the arms back to starting position. Continue at a rapid, steady pace 15 times once a day.

Do it with me. I look forward to hearing how it made you feel. Please comment to let me know.




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