I have wanted to climb Kilimanjaro for as long as I can remember. The plan was to climb it in 2017 but I got sidetracked. I fell in love and lost tract of my goal. Well the relationship fell apart and now I am even more determined to accomplish this goal. I have set a new timeline of 2021. I will start training to get my body and mind in shape and start saving so I can pick a great company to clim with and not necessarily the cheapest. I am ready and I am determined. I will not let anything keep me from my goal.

Have you been distracted from your goals or your passion because of love or any thing else. Please share I’d like to hear your story.

2 thoughts on “Kilimanjaro

  1. I have a deep love and passion for photography, I used to carry my camera bag everywhere, but since my divorce, I have not taken it out of the corner of my room in which it sits. Since having Bodhi, my passion has been reignited; now I just need to find the time. My goal is to get better at making time for it and scheduling time to get back out there and start shooting again!

    1. It’s funny now we allow our dreams to die. Maybe the first step is get your camera out of the corner and put it in a spot where you can see it everyday. Start taking pictures of Bodhi with it. Take pictures of random stuff. Before you know it you’ll be back in the saddle.

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