My Two Month Trip to Kenya

IMG_5801It was supposed to be an epic trip to three different countries. I intended to visit Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. I never left Kenya. In fact I didn’t even explore all of Kenya. However, it was a fantastic trip.

IMG_5345I rented an apartment in Diani Beach and I slowed down.

IMG_1067I spent an inordinate about of time at the beach.

IMG_4823I sat in restaurants talking to locals and sometimes older European tourist for hours. IMG_4768I lazed around my apartment/pool reading novels.

IMG_1158I went on safaris and visited villages.

IMG_5417I attended a wedding.

IMG_5732I ate fish directly from the ocean (never frozen.)

IMG_1542I took walks on dirt roads.

IMG_1464I touched the earth.

IMG_5611I Drank fresh mango and passion fruit juice almost daily. I ate with my hands.

IMG_1507There were times when I felt like people were waiting to hear about my epic adventure, and not having traversed East Africa as I said I was going to I may have disappointed them. Well there it is; I stayed in Kenya for the entire two months and I had a wonderful time.

7 thoughts on “My Two Month Trip to Kenya

  1. Wow you say SO much my friend and leave us all to imagine and thrill from our distances, over the further adventures you live! I can feel the warm air, smell the earth in these photos, thank you!

  2. Wow , I feel refreshed after reading all about your great adventure in Kenya . It had me reminiscing about my life and time growing up on morne jorgin, in those days walking the dirt paths sometimes barefoot, eating the fish that my dad would bring home after he had spent almost his entire night fishing on Rodney’s Rock . I also used to enjoy eating with my bare hands ….. I still do sometimes 🙂 …. Thank you for sharing. I always look foward to see what’s next on your page. 🙂 🙂 !!!!!

    1. Thanks for reading Cecilia and sharing your memories. We are all connected. I remember Rodney’s Rock. My sisters and I once went fishing with my grandpa. We didn’t catch anything that day though :-).

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