Facing my Truths – Day 7

Growing up I heard the phrase “what will people think?” over and over again. I have a hard time getting it out of my head. I really dislike that phrase. I have to make a conscious effort to ignore it and allow my own decisions to control my actions.  Let them think whatever the hell they want. They are going to do that anyway. Why should all my actions be based on what people think or will think?


2 thoughts on “Facing my Truths – Day 7

  1. Good for you! I’ve heard that all my life. It’s a shame we are in our 40’s and 50’s before we really start to be our own person and start living our lives the way we want and not worry about what people think. My daughter says I’m getting old because I just say and do whatever I want now just like old people do. Haha. I wish I had had this attitude when I was younger and could make them see that you are what matters because no one else is gonna make you feel as good as you do when you can be yourself.

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