Letting my Soul Shine

IMG_3441My niece gave me this journal for Christmas and I intend to follow her mandate.

I’ve been looking forward to this day since April 2012. Initially I was supposed to go to the African continent for three months and planned on visiting three countries, but life happens and I’ll only be there for two weeks and I’ll only visit two countries but at least I’m going and I’m extremely happy about that.

I got a super cheap airline ticket flying out of Washington DC for $312. I’m taking the Megabus overnight to DC on Sunday and flying out on Tuesday from there with a connecting flight in Amsterdam arriving Kenya 3 June. I’m not taking my laptop and I do not have a tablet therefore I won’t be providing a play by play of my visit. I intend to be present in the moment as opposed to trying to get the best shot of whatever it is I’m a part of at any given moment. When I return I’ll write a blog post about my experience.

2 thoughts on “Letting my Soul Shine

  1. You are a trooper. I visited the Ivory Coast but to meet my husband family. I would like to make a solo visit to another part of Africa. The price is cheaper than visiting Dominica.

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