In the Moment

I’m trying something new. I’ve started to jot down on paper ideas that pop into my head. This composition happened yesterday while I was outside planting some rose cuttings. I took off my garden gloves  went inside. Grabbed a notebook, wrote it down then returned to my task. Please tell me your thoughts. What came to mind when you read it? What feelings did it invoke in you?

In the moment

The party always ends,
does that mean you should not attend?

Do not pick of the unripe or rotting fruit,
there are opportune moments when the time is right.

Do you enjoy the rain with your rain gear on,
or curse the weather because you are unprepared?

Splash in the gullies, play in the mud.
Let your guard down, get drenched in the rain.

Look out for rainbows when you are all done.
The pleasure is flitting but so worth your while.

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