Inside her head

The life she has always wanted is hers for the taking. However there is an invisible string drawing her back to the life she wants to leave behind. Even as she basks in the freedom of having her time all to herself the string keeps tugging at her head, heart, and soul.

Sometimes she wishes she could just fully disengage but she doesn’t want to hurt anyones feelings. She hears what they are not saying. The faint sound of abandonment in their voices. She feels so disconnected from that world which wants to keep dragging her back into its fold with its promises of love, comfort, and stability.

Every time she goes back it gets harder and harder to fit in. She seems to thrive on her own yet she allows the voices to tell her “you are needed please come back.” Then restlessness ensues. She is like a sailor without a boat. She gives in to the obligation that she feels, only to feel the string tightening around her neck like a noose. She should not hold herself responsible for other Peoples happiness yet she does.