Following my gut

As adults we don’t always listen to our gut (also referred to as our instinct.) The older we get the more we override that feeling. We do it sometimes because of pride, responsibility, or a multitude of other reasons. I’ve postponed my travel plans for the remainder of 2014 and I’m putting down temporary roots. I know in my gut this is what I’m supposed to be doing right now, at this moment in my life. It would have been wonderful to set off on the adventure I had planned for the rest of the year but I feel confident that I’m where I need to be at this moment in my life. I haven’t given up traveling I will just be doing a little less of it for shorter periods at a time and when the time is right I will set off again. I shall try my best to continue my minimalist lifestyle.

I want to live simply

My bedroom and living room furniture was delivered on 16 May 2014 and I moved in on that day. The great thing about my parents being my landlords is that my rental payments do not start until the 1st of June. Yeah for two weeks of free rent. Since I had already given away most of the stuff I had accumulated over the years I don’t have that much to bring over to the new place. I’ve been bringing my clothes over a little at a time and I’ve also brought over some of my books. The books are sitting in the garage because I haven’t brought over my bookcases yet. The guest bedroom is not set up yet either because the bed is still at my sister’s house. I ┬áneed to bring the bed and bookcases I’m looking forward to having family and friends come visit so I’d better hurry up and get that done.

I’ve started working on the garden. I put in some herbs and vegetables in the back garden and I’ve planted some flowers in the front garden. It will take a while for the front garden to blossom fully because I’ll be doing frugal gardening. I’ll probably wait to buy plants on sale and create new plants through cuttings and divisions.




When I’m asked what is my life’s passion. I come up empty. I know I want to live a full life on my own terms. I know that I’d rather be poor than to ever give up my freedom of choice again. I know that I want to travel the world. However I don’t know that I’d categorize any of these things as passions.

It’s been said follow your passion and you’ll be happy. Does that mean if you do not have a passion or haven’t identified your passion you are not happy? What is happy? Or should I ask what is happiness? I don’t believe happiness is something you find. I think you either have it or you don’t. You are either happy or you are not. It’s a choice really. You can choose to be happy. There is no one thing or things that you acquire, or one place that you get to that brings happiness.

I’ve noticed that people with the mindset of “as soon as I do this that or the other I’ll be happy” or “as soon as I accomplish this goal or the other I’ll be happy” never seem to quite grasp happiness. The people who are already happy where they are, seem to be happy no matter what.