Starting to fulfill my goals and aspirations for 2014

I’ve been pretty good so far at accomplishing my goals and aspirations for 2014. I know it’s still January and I still have a long way to go but so far this year I’ve already spent 14 days with my parents and I’ve booked a trip for my mother and I to go away for 14 days. We will be going to Bermuda in March.

I’m trying to spend as much time as I can spend with them now before I start my travels for the year. Sometimes I feel a little guilty that I’m gone so much but I realize that I cannot suppress my dreams, If I do I’ll start to get bitter and resent the ones I put my dreams on hold for. That is not a good place to be for anyone. I hope they understand that I love them but that I need to do what I need to do to.

Here is a loose itinerary of my travels for this year. April – May; St. Martin & Guadeloupe, then back to the USA for my niece’s graduation from university. July & August; England, Scotland, Spain & Germany. Sept, Oct, Nov: Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania. I’m so excited and there is so much to be done. I need to obtain visas, immunizations & air plane tickets.

I will be doing volunteer work for two weeks at an orphanage in Kenya and another two weeks with the Maasai Mara. I’m also thinking of volunteering in Tanzania but I haven’t signed up for that one yet. I think I’ll play it by ear. 

2 thoughts on “Starting to fulfill my goals and aspirations for 2014

  1. I soooo know that story…..I mean my father was just diagnosed with cancer about 3 weeks ago…He has been sick for a while but I am dealing with a woman in Costa Rica….and i need to just go there for a bout 10 days to recharge and refresh……I will buy my ticket next week, I know my family will not understand, they will want me to stay, as he is very ill and who knows what would happen in the 10 days Im gone…but its too much for me to handle right now, I need this…Im glad I stumbled on your blog, that was just like therapy for me writing this…Bless!!!!

    1. I am sorry to hear about your father’s health struggle. I really hope you get to visit your girl, recharge, and return refreshed. I’m glad you stumbled upon my little blog and you were able to get this off your chest. You can’t be fully there for others if you do not take care of yourself. I always like hearing from the folks who read my blog. I just started following you and I will definitely be back to read some more.

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