The Story of Toast


“What is your useful skill in a tangible situation?”

I really wanted to share this story. I think it deserves to be heard. Not that I have such a huge following but even if only one other person reads it I’m ok with that. I think the story is worth sharing.

2 thoughts on “The Story of Toast

  1. Strange article..

    I must liken $4 slices of toast to STARBUCKS – people paying outrageous prices for such average items – just to be “in”. The idea of someone dictating my moves, directly or indirectly, annoys me. I feel that it is upon me whether to engage (or not to) in conversation with strangers. I enjoy being in a crowded cafe, sitting alone, left to my thoughts or my music. I find that neither strange nor anti-social. At other times, i will strike up a conversation with the nearest ear.

    I have lived a very poor life. Times when there was no heat, no water, no money, and no way of knowing what tomorrow will bring. Through it all, I have never in my life been depressed. I simply considered it as being in a bad situation, one that would, someday, present a solution. As such, I find it difficult; to relate to the very idea of depression. I recognize it as a real condition, but how one gets to that position in life, remains a mystery to me. Maybe it’s God in my life that makes me look at things in a different light, knowing that he will always make a way. Therefore, “depression” never reaches me.

    Insensitive? Probably, but that’s just me. I look at most diagnoses today with a bit of disdain. Nowadays, there is a name for every “condition” one finds oneself in. We had ADD during my childhood, but it wasn’t called that. We called it “undisciplined children”. Depression? We called it being in helpless situations where there seems to be no way out, situations that, more times than not, eventually resolved themselves.

    Call it shallow or, perhaps, overly simplistic, but, I truly believe that with the right amount of money in peoples’ hands, a great deal of societies “problems” will instantly become nonexistent. It’s unfortunate that I feel the way that I feel, because there are many people in my small circle of friends who consider themselves to be depressed. For the most part, I have no real insight into their lives. I see that they are in jobs that pay minimum wage or less, many coming from families whose history is riddled with criminality (relatives in and out of jail for most of their lives). They see themselves in a constant state of depression, whereas, I see them as simply being caught up in a bad situation. Perhaps the difference is simple – semantics. V.

  2. What I know of depression or should I say what I’ve read and what I understand about depression is that it’s a chemical imbalance. No doubt there are probably those who have been misdiagnosed or claim to be depressed but are probably just sad however, I believe it’s a real disease.

    What I found fascinating about the article it that she is able to capitalize on something that people are willing to pay for and use it for good. That’s what I took away from the article. The people who are buying her $4 toast are not being forced to pay that price they choose to pay it. If they don’t want to be told directly or indirectly where to sit they can always go someplace else. The people who frequent her cafe seem to seek it out. She realized a need, filled that need and made something good out of it and for that I applaud her. She has created jobs and is also helping the community. I find those things commendable.

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