Minimalism Game – Day 3

Day 3 – Letting go of three things. Some of the stuff I’m letting go, will go directly to the trash like this book. I bought it because it was the year of the Dragon and I’m a dragon .

In my quest to get rid of things. I’m playing a game this month I don’t know how long I’ll last, I started 1 December. Get rid of 1 thing on the 1st, get rid of two things on the 2nd, get rid of three things on the 3rd, etc.



2 Replies to “Minimalism Game – Day 3”

  1. Great Challenge you’ve taken. Really worth taking and a difficult one.

    I have realized by far that once you get rid of possessions, you feel better. Much better. Always.

    All the best for it!

    Do leave a feedback on my blog, if you find it good enough 🙂

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