I do not watch reality television because the world inside my head is much more interesting

In the realm of my imagination I’m fearless. Climbing every mountain, and experiencing wonderful adventures. In reality there is only one drop of blood in my thimble. I have only experienced 1/1000th of my conceived plans.

I have wild, crazy, interesting dreams. Sometimes my dreams are as convoluted as the plots in mythology and other times as simple as falling rain. When I go to sleep I look forward to dreaming.

I look at dreaming as my cerebrum releasing what is stored in there. (My dreams are an outlet. A means to explore and enjoy those ideas and thoughts that would otherwise never come to fruition.) Making space for all those other thoughts it knows are going to be manifested in the next 24 hours.

I once dated a guy who said he doesn’t dream. I found that hard to believe. I mentioned to him maybe he just didn’t remember his dreams. He was adamant that he didn’t dream. I attributed this to a lack of imagination and as someone who hates to lose control. Someone who lacks imagination or who cannot live in the moment is not someone I want to be involved with. In my experience those types of folks see everything in black and white. In my world, there is black, white, and various shades of gray. I even throw in all the primary colors (why not?) Makes life a whole lot more interesting :-).




I change everyday. Sometimes in subtle ways that I’m not even aware of. Sometimes in drastic ways by changes that I make consciously. It would be arrogant for someone to think that they know me completely. Does anyone know someone else completely? Does someone even know ones self completely?

I learn I grow. My views on life have changed over the years. I’ve learned to not say never. I almost said “never say never” then I would have done what I just said I’ve learned not to say.

I’m trying not to live up to the expectations of others but to follow my own path. The path I’m currently on may not seem ambitious or potentially successful however it is fulfilling and gratifying to me, and at the moment that’s all that matters.

When I wake up in the morning it is liberating to know that I can make my own decisions for the day. I may not have a pocketful of money but I have a pocketful of freedom. I am at liberty to plan my day, my week, my month, my year, or not plan at all. This is my reality at the moment but we all know that the only constant in life is change and this reality is also subject to change.

3rd Month in Panama

My third and final month in Panama went by quickly. I blinked, looked up and it was time to leave :-(. I continued hiking and going to Spanish class but I made so many wonderful friends in Boquete that my final month was spent mostly socializing.

DSCN2879The journey to Boquete from Panama City back in August cost $180 (airfare and taxi). For the return journey I chose to travel slowly from Boquete to Panama City. I took a bus from Boquete to David and then another bus (a coach) from David to Panama City. Because I chose to travel slowly the cost was much less. Cost of bus ride to David $1.75. Cost of  bus ride to Panama City $30.50 (I bought two seats). One seat would have been $15.25. Total cost $32.25. I got to enjoy beautiful scenery along the way and got to see a little more of Panama during the seven hour bus ride.

My ride from Boquete to David


My ride from David to Panama City

David to Panama City
I  spent a few days in Panama City on my way back to the USA and had a wonderful time there also. Made some more amazing new friends. There are still so many good people in this world. I have been fortunate in this lifetime to come across some of them and for that I am truly grateful.