Seven Dresses – A color a day

After observing the dresses of the indigenous people in Boquete, Panama I’ve been flirting with the idea of just owning seven different color dresses. One dress per day. A different color a day. I think it would make getting dressed so much easier and save me a lot of money. If I decide to do this I would try to come up with my own design. Something that’s easy to wear and that I could dress up or down with belts and/or accessories.

My Inspiration – indigenous dresses of Boquete, Panama

aboriginal dress panama

3 thoughts on “Seven Dresses – A color a day

  1. Fabulous idea, I hope you are going to put the days of the week on the dresses like the undies used to have. Oh and the way you travel you will need a tropical & arctic collection so if you need inspiration I can help with the tropics. Stay well my friend.

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