Seven Dresses – A color a day

After observing the dresses of the indigenous people in Boquete, Panama I’ve been flirting with the idea of just owning seven different color dresses. One dress per day. A different color a day. I think it would make getting dressed so much easier and save me a lot of money. If I decide to do this I would try to come up with my own design. Something that’s easy to wear and that I could dress up or down with belts and/or accessories.

My Inspiration – indigenous dresses of Boquete, Panama

aboriginal dress panama


Whale watching and picnic on Isla Gamez

Woke up at the crack of dawn to meet-up for the bus ride to David. Since it was so early traffic was light and we made it in thirty minutes. Usually it’s a forty-five minute drive from Boquete to David. Our little group of six from Boquete met up with the rest of the group (26 in all) and travelled in two buses to Boca Chica. That ride was about an hour. At Boca Chica we got on our boats and went in search of whales. Unfortunately it was raining and cold which made the trip a little uncomfortable but still enjoyable. The whales weren’t very active and our sightings were few. There was no breaching and tail slapping therefore we didn’t get any good pictures.  My guess is they didn’t like the rain :-). We were told that these particular whales come to this area during September and October to birth their babies. I don’t remember which ones they are because I didn’t write this post until three weeks later. Next time I need to take notes :-(.

Baby whalewhale & sprayMama whale

whale mamaAfter our whale watching adventure we went to Isla Gamez and had a picnic. Lunch was served wrapped in banana leaves (I forgot to take a picture of that). Isla Gamez is an uninhabited island where I’m told a lot of locals picnic during the dry season. We stayed there for a few hours and left when the tide started coming in.

DSCN2821other boat

The Beauty of Nature

I woke up to the sound of the birds this morning and thought to myself this sounds so much better than an alarm clock. Made myself a cup of coffee, and sat down at the table to watch the birds through the window while I savoured the taste and smell of this locally grown and processed coffee. I cannot see the river from my perch but I can hear it. The soothing sound of its steady,  shallow rubble on its journey to the sea.

It is a cloudy day but the mountains look magnificent in their different shades of green with the mist hovering above. I listen to the calls, songs and music of the birds. Watch their antics as they vie for position while feeding on the bunch of bananas and other assorted vegetation and realize I am at peace. I am happy to be alive and able to partake in the beauty and bounty which the universe has provided.

Monthly Expenses – September 2013

Expenditures for the month of September of 2013

Rent                                                                $600.00
Groceries                                                           $91.29
Gifts and Charitable Donations                     $70.00
Health & Dental Insurance                             $59.36
Eating Out                                                       $145.30
Entertainment                                                  $82.00
Phone                                                                $175.72
Health, Hygiene & Beauty                               $31.74
Transportation                                                  $13.60
Clothes & Accessories                                      $36.48
Spanish Lessons                                              $250.00
Tips                                                                      $19.50
Used Books                                                           $6.00
Total                                                              $1580.99

My expenses are way lower than last months expenses of $2854.56 yet still higher than $1200.00. I’m over my pre-set budget of $1200 by $380.99, however this month I didn’t have to touch my savings to meet my expenses.