A Picture a Day, September 2013 – Day 29

So many guavas go to waste here. Tree after tree is loaded and they just fall to the ground and rot. Whenever I go past a guava tree I try to pick the ripe ones within my reach. On this day I was only able to reach one, I rinsed it off with water from my water bottle and proceeded to devourer it. My group of hikers was moving on and I had to walk away. They couldn’t understand my fascination with the guavas and why it hurt me so to see them go to waste.


6 thoughts on “A Picture a Day, September 2013 – Day 29

  1. food that falls to the ground is food for mother earth, which doesn’t get as much good stuff anymore. I hear you though of course. People could really use this, yes.

  2. i would not know what to do with myself. i might have to venture to panama. love love love guavas. i can almost smell them through the screen. oh how blessed by the universe you are

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