A Picture a Day, September 2013 – Day 30

Today is the last day of my picture a day series. It’s another picture of everyday life in Boquete. I was about to snap a picture of the house and the corn laying out to dry when the gentleman walked out. I hesitated because I wasn’t sure whether he was about to ask me not to. However he just wanted to have a conversation with us and said it was ok to go ahead and take the picture.


A Picture a Day, September 2013 – Day 29

So many guavas go to waste here. Tree after tree is loaded and they just fall to the ground and rot. Whenever I go past a guava tree I try to pick the ripe ones within my reach. On this day I was only able to reach one, I rinsed it off with water from my water bottle and proceeded to devourer it. My group of hikers was moving on and I had to walk away. They couldn’t understand my fascination with the guavas and why it hurt me so to see them go to waste.


A Picture a Day, September 2013 – Day 26

I walked past this school and the kids were banging on drums. I’m told they are practicing for Independence Day celebrations. November is a huge month of celebrations for Panama. Panama celebrates it’s Independence from Spain and Columbia in the month of November.¬†Unfortunately I won’t be around for the celebrations. I fly out the first day of November.


A Picture a Day, September 2013 – Day 25

This guy is on the Panama leg of his trip. He is driving from Argentina to Alaska in this Fiat. I’m guessing he’ll have to take a few ferries or boats in between. I wish him well. You can follow him on facebook.com/ArgentinaAlsaka.

I had a friend take a picture of me with the car but I look horrible next to the car so I’m posting this picture of just the car instead :-).