Monthly Expenses – July 2013

Expenditures for the month of July of 2013

Airline Ticket                                        $450.00
Slots & Roulette                                   $120.00
Gifts and Charitable Donations          $206.00
Health & Dental Insurance:                  $59.36
Eating Out                                            $111.00
Entertainment                                        $76.00
Phone                                                      $75.00
Health, Hygiene & Beauty                    $111.00
Transportation                                        $42.00
Clothes & Accessories                           $118.00
Tips                                                             $3.00
Pictures                                                     $50.00
Books                                                         $35.50
Travel Insurance for 3 Months               $187.00
Misc.                                                           $18.00
Total                                                        $1661.86

I went to Las Vegas with my sisters for a few Days. This was the first time in a long time that we have been together just us three. We had a wonderful time. I have not included the money spent on airfare and some entertainment because we had been saving for this vacation and the money did not come from my monthly budget. I’m $461.86 over budget.

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