The Big Trip

My big trip for the year is to Panama for three months. Originally I wanted to do two big trips this year but it didn’t work out. Why is it a big trip? It’s a big trip because since I started my travels in early 2012 this is the first country I’ll be visiting where I don’t know anyone, and I don’t speak the native language. I’ll be spending three months in Panama. I intend to blog on a regular basis about my experience. My family and friends are concerned, but I have done a ton of research and I believe everything will work out fine. If I run into problems I think I’ll be well equipped to handle them.


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  1. M & J Fisher says:

    I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is the best for everyone, best for the body and the mind. – Albert Einstein – Thought you would like this . Good luck Paula, J.

  2. Wow, looking forward to reading you blogs! Prayed for you to be safe and have a great time.

  3. Deanna Lewis says:

    Im so excited about this trip. Cant wait to hear and see every detail.

    1. I’m glad to know you’ll be reading Deanna.

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