Monthly Expenses – June 2013

Expenditures for the month of June of 2013

Airline Ticket                                 $493.40
Groceries                                        $123.69
Gifts and Charitable Donations: $421.00
Health & Dental Insurance:           $59.36
Eating Out                                      $188.98
Entertainment                                $55.00
Phone                                               $75.00
Health, Hygiene & Beauty            $25.00
Gas                                                 $100.00
Clothes & Accessories                   $35.12
Tips                                                  $10.00
Total                                             $1586.55

I’m over budget by $386.55. I’m still optimistic that I’ll hit that magic number next month. I had to buy some clothes because the one time I had no change of clothes in my daypack that’s the day I needed a change of clothes. Left for St. Thomas on 10 June, didn’t arrive until 11 June because of mechanical problems. Had to spend the night in Miami.

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