Countdown (eight days and a wake up) – Figuring out what to pack

It’s eight days and a wake up before the big trip and I haven’t started packing yet. I’m still undecided as to whether I should just take my backpack or take my backpack and a small suitcase. I know we never need all the things we think we need. However, being that I’ll have a permanent place to stay even though I’ll be exploring sometimes for days at a time I’m thinking I could get away with taking a suitcase. Decisions, decisions.

I’m told it’s rainy season so I’ll need a raincoat, an umbrella and rain boots. I’ve decided to get the rain boots when I get there. I know for sure I’ll be taking these 10 wardrobe essentials for women:

  1. Plain White Tee
  2. Black leggings
  3. Ballet Flats
  4. Skin Tone-matching camisole
  5. Black Cardigan
  6. Classic Pumps  (they may not necessarily be classic pumps)
  7. Dark Denim
  8. White Blouse
  9. Little Black Dress
  10. Classic Black Pants

I’ll probably also need one or two light weight sweaters for night-time or early mornings. Once I’m done packing I’ll publish my final packing list so you can see what I’m actually taking. I’ve read about individuals who’ve traveled for one or two years with only a backpack and they were just fine.


The Big Trip

My big trip for the year is to Panama for three months. Originally I wanted to do two big trips this year but it didn’t work out. Why is it a big trip? It’s a big trip because since I started my travels in early 2012 this is the first country I’ll be visiting where I don’t know anyone, and I don’t speak the native language. I’ll be spending three months in Panama. I intend to blog on a regular basis about my experience. My family and friends are concerned, but I have done a ton of research and I believe everything will work out fine. If I run into problems I think I’ll be well equipped to handle them.

Monthly Expenses – June 2013

Expenditures for the month of June of 2013

Airline Ticket                                 $493.40
Groceries                                        $123.69
Gifts and Charitable Donations: $421.00
Health & Dental Insurance:           $59.36
Eating Out                                      $188.98
Entertainment                                $55.00
Phone                                               $75.00
Health, Hygiene & Beauty            $25.00
Gas                                                 $100.00
Clothes & Accessories                   $35.12
Tips                                                  $10.00
Total                                             $1586.55

I’m over budget by $386.55. I’m still optimistic that I’ll hit that magic number next month. I had to buy some clothes because the one time I had no change of clothes in my daypack that’s the day I needed a change of clothes. Left for St. Thomas on 10 June, didn’t arrive until 11 June because of mechanical problems. Had to spend the night in Miami.