I’ve chosen 1 June 2013 as the date of my rebirth. There was no special significance to that date until now. Now, it is the day of my rebirth. I’ve pledged to lead a healthier life. To that end I have deleted and added a few things to my life. The list is subject to change off course as I learn and grow.

I’m not on any kind of diet per se just trying to eliminate stuff that’s not good for human consumption to begin with. I’ve deleted the following: Cold cuts, prepackaged ground meat, hotdogs, sausages, any hamburgers from outside sources, chicken nuggets and doughnuts.

I’ve added a new exercise regiment and I’m finally taking the Vitamin D3 and Calcium tablets recommended by my primary care physician. I’m also drinking more water and eating more fruits and vegetables.

I have chosen not to list my current weight but I do need to lose 10 pounds. Let’s see if my current lifestyle will also help me lose that weight. I shall not be giving up coffee and alcohol so don’t ask. I indulge in moderation now anyway.




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  1. thexenophilediaries says:

    Good luck with your journey, I’m pulling for you.

  2. Sarah says:

    Welcome into this new phase, lady! All great ideas and it gets easier all the time. Clearer head, happier heart. You shine!

    1. Thanks Sarah. I’m excited about the journey.

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