Expenses – May 2013 (Adjusting my Sails)

The realist

I have no clue how much I spent in the month of May. I stopped keeping track when I realized by 10 May I had already blown my budget. I will be back on track in June. This experience made me realize the importance of keeping track. Once you stop keeping track and making yourself accountable it is much easier to spend with abandon. I cannot afford to continue being a spendthrift if I want to continue my travels for an extended period of time. When I set out on this lifestyle I knew I had to make sacrifices and they are sacrifices I’m willing to make. I’m not going to knock myself over the head for slipping. I’m going to pick myself up, dust myself up and keep on trekking.



Monthly Expenses – April 2013

Expenditures for the month of April of 2013

Airline Ticket                                                      $602.00
Gifts and Charitable Donations:                      $368.50
Health & Dental Insurance:                                 $59.36
Eating Out                                                             $235.50
Entertainment                                                      $111.00
Book                                                                           $1.25
Phone                                                                     $119.90
Health, Hygiene & Beauty                                    $31.00
Transportation                                                       $24.59
Clothes & Accessories                                           $64.98
Tips                                                                          $16.00
Total                                                                     $1634.08

Spent almost the entire month of April in St. Martin/St. Maarteen (I’m still here.) It’s been wonderful enjoying the sun and sand. I’ve also enjoyed St. Maarteen’s carnival. I’m over budget this month by $434.08. I’m guessing I may have to raise my budget, but I’ll give it a few more months see how things go and then decide.