Monthly Expenses – March 2013

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Expenditures for the month of March 2013

Gifts and Charitable Donations           $247.75
Health & Dental Insurance                      $59.36
Groceries                                                    $40.00
Eating Out                                                 $233.68
Entertainment                                          $340.00
Phone                                                            $89.90
Health, Hygiene & Beauty                         $44.00
Financial Advice                                         $90.00
Lottery Ticket                                               $2.00
Turbo Tax (tax preparation)                   $108.00
Transportation                                                   .75
Clothes & Accessories                               $172.21
Tips                                                                $46.80
Total                                                           $1474.45

I’m over budget this month by $274.45. I clearly erased whatever gains I made last month. You’ll notice there is no lodging nor housing costs listed for March. A few people have asked me about these costs. Whenever it’s not listed I didn’t pay any actual cash for lodging or accommodations that month.


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2 thoughts on “Monthly Expenses – March 2013

  1. thexenophilediaries June 3, 2013 — 19:53

    The eating out is expensive.

    1. Yes, that’s one of the things I need to work on.

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