Monthly Expenses – February 2013


Expenditures for the month of  February of 2013

Gifts and Charitable Donations                  $50.00
Health & Dental Insurance                          $59.36
Groceries                                                        $36.20
Eating Out                                                      $96.00
Phone                                                             $104.00
Health, Hygiene & Beauty                            $63.00
Airline Ticket                                                $332.30
Accommodations                                          $156.72
Tips                                                                     $8.00
Total                                                               $905.58

I’m below budget this month by $294.42. If I’m able to do this for a few more months I’ll be able to repair the damage from December 2012 and January 2013. I spent February in New York with my mother getting my parents house ready for sale. Didn’t really go out much because we were here on business and it was also very cold. We were able to visit with family and some family friends however. I also got sick with a terrible cold. Anyway I’m better now, just have a slight cough. Hopefully it will be gone soon.

8 thoughts on “Monthly Expenses – February 2013

  1. I have a question about your caribbean trip expense report. How much were your lodging costs? I retired a year ago and would like to travel and move somewhere outside the states. My monthly budget will be $1200 per month. I’m just trying to figure out how to do it. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Karen

    1. Karen I stayed with family and friends and did not pay for accommodations. I just basically made myself useful and paid for an occassional meal (when they let me). I also contributed to the cost of fuel for transportation. The trip that will really determine if I can make it on $1200 will be the Panama trip coming up in August. I do not know anyone in Panama and will be renting a furnished two bedroom house in Boquete for $600 a month for three months. Stay posted.

      1. I am anxious to see this too. I’ve been reading about Panama. I believe the name of the town is Las Tablas. I don’t know where it is located to the town your going to but if its close maybe you could give it a whirl. How did you find a house to rent already? You are so brave and adventuresome. I will be eagerly following you. ~ Karen

      2. I heard of Las Tablas and I am thinking of visiting while I’m there. If I’m not mistaken I believe it’s a beach town. Where I’m going is in the mountains. I found the house by looking online. I found this site for expats in Panama and chatted with a few people on there. There was also a classified section. I found an apartment for $350 a month but is was really far from everything. The owners of that apartment referred to me to some of friends of theirs closer to the town center who had the guest house for rent. It’s a lot more expensive but I think it will be worth it.

      3. Well that is awesome! I’m kind of jealous. Lol. Las Tablas is a beach town. I want to retire on the beach. Please keep us updated. I’m so excited for you. I feel like I know you. Lol. Have a great time. 😀

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