Travel Plans for 2013

My original plan for 2013 was to visit Africa and Europe. I have changed my plans completely. Instead, I will now be visiting a few states in the USA, St. Thomas, the Dominican Republic, and Panama.

I got back home on 2 January. I’ve been spending time with my family, resting, and getting stuff organized.  I also got my annual physical. Since I’m no longer active duty and I’m not within close proximity to a Military Treatment Facility I had to find a civilian Primary Care Manager. My health insurance is Tricare Prime and I needed to pick someone within the network. I had no clue how to pick so I pulled up three within 15 minutes of my home and did some research. I ended up picking a small family practice that’s afilliated with a major respectable hospital.

On my first visit to establish myself as a new patient everything went well. I felt comfortable with the doctor and had no complaints. On my second visit to get bloodwork done I noticed a sign annoncing that they do not prescribe birth control to unmarried individuals. I don’t remember reading that stuff on their website. I’m not sure whether I should start a new search or stick with them. Anyway, I’ll deal with that at a later date because I’m leaving again on 23 January. I’m going to New York with my mother and I’m not sure how long I’ll be gone. My mother has some business to attend to. I’m going to provide companionship and to help with whatever I can.

Towards the end of March I’m hoping to spend approximately four weeks in Washington D. C. Follow that with a visit to Louisiana and Florida for a few weeks, then return home for my brother’s high school graduation at the end of May. In June I’ll travel to St. Thomas to visit my Aunt Bernice and attend my niece’s high school graduation. July is still up in the air because I don’t have firm dates therefore I can’t make definite plans. August through the end of October I’ll be in Panama. This year I’ll be home for the holiday season starting with Thanksgiving and going all the way through New Years Eve.

However everything is subject to change. If something interesting or exciting pops up who knows I may change my plans around, but Panama is still on. The only way I won’t be going is if I’m dead.


Expense Report – December 2012


My December budget was blown to smithereens. My expenses in December added up to an astounding $3,871.00. I do not have an itemized report this month but starting January 2013 I’m starting on a new slate. I have a new resolve to really stick to that $1200 budget.

I went on my very first cruise ever and it was a lot of fun. My cousin was celebrating her 60th birthday and six of us accompanied her on this cruise to help her celebrate. We had a wonderful time.