Expense Report – November 2012

Expenditures for the month of November 2012

Gifts and Charitable Donations   $295.25
Fees & Administrative expenses $123.00
Dental Insurance                             $36.92
Groceries                                          $81.87
Eating Out                                        $58.90
Phone                                              $142.55
Transportation                              $140.70
Health, Hygiene & Beauty             $21.00
Entertainment                                 $15.00
Book                                                    $9.50
Sandals                                             $38.00
Tips                                                   $13.75
Total                                              $976.44

I am within budget for the first time since I started keeping track and trying to live on $1200 a month. I purchased another sandal I couldn’t help myself. My phone bill is back up but I can live with that. I’ve been enjoying the sun in the Caribbean since 7 Sept 2012. I visited St. Thomas and Dominica. The original plan was to visit quite a few more islands but I modified my plans. Hopefully I’ll continue my Caribbean exploration in 2013.

I’m more determined than ever to stay within budget. It’s been wonderful marching to my own drum beat. If I can continue to travel, lead and enjoy a simple life without having to work for anyone I will be the happiest person alive. I really enjoy the freedom of setting my own agenda.

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