Expense Report – October 2012

Expenditures for the month of October 2012

Air Tavel                          $458.00
Gifts                                 $405.00
Earrings                           $147.00
Dental Insurance:            $36.92
Groceries                          $94.33
Eating Out                        $123.60
Phone                                  $14.01
Laundry                              $13.25
Health/Hygiene/Beauty  $101.26
Entertainment                  $289.00
Sandals                                $53.00
Tips                                      $11.00
Total                              $1746.37

I went over my $1200 budget by $546.37. I purchased some airline tickets for future travel. I’m accounting for them in this months expenses because I paid for them this month. You’ll notice my phone bill is only $14.01. A major change from last month which was a whooping $372.00. After renegotiating my plan, I received a refund and an adjustment was made to this month’s bill. Health Insurance is zero this month because last months payment was a quarterly payment.

I thought long and hard about it and in in the end decided to buy a pair of gold earrings. Did I really them? No, but I wanted to replace my broken “go to” pair (every other pair I own is costume jewelry or silver). Being transparent about my expenses has really given me pause as to how I spend, however I also purchased a pair of hand made sandals in Dominica which will serve as a souvenir but is also practical. As always I welcome your questions and comments.

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6 thoughts on “Expense Report – October 2012

  1. I think you are doing a fine job of managing your money. Love those sandals.

  2. You are awesome. Makes me think about my spending… Great looking sandals, J,

    1. Thanks. I’m trying hopefully I’ll reach my goal.

  3. I’ve been keeping a monthly budget for YEARS. I went over my October budget by £301.00, but that’s because I had to get my hair done, plus I was on holiday. I think you’re doing a great job. 🙂

  4. Did you have a great time on holiday?

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