Expense Report – October 2012

Expenditures for the month of October 2012

Air Tavel                          $458.00
Gifts                                 $405.00
Earrings                           $147.00
Dental Insurance:            $36.92
Groceries                          $94.33
Eating Out                        $123.60
Phone                                  $14.01
Laundry                              $13.25
Health/Hygiene/Beauty  $101.26
Entertainment                  $289.00
Sandals                                $53.00
Tips                                      $11.00
Total                              $1746.37

I went over my $1200 budget by $546.37. I purchased some airline tickets for future travel. I’m accounting for them in this months expenses because I paid for them this month. You’ll notice my phone bill is only $14.01. A major change from last month which was a whooping $372.00. After renegotiating my plan, I received a refund and an adjustment was made to this month’s bill. Health Insurance is zero this month because last months payment was a quarterly payment.

I thought long and hard about it and in in the end decided to buy a pair of gold earrings. Did I really them? No, but I wanted to replace my broken “go to” pair (every other pair I own is costume jewelry or silver). Being transparent about my expenses has really given me pause as to how I spend, however I also purchased a pair of hand made sandals in Dominica which will serve as a souvenir but is also practical. As always I welcome your questions and comments.

6 thoughts on “Expense Report – October 2012

  1. I’ve been keeping a monthly budget for YEARS. I went over my October budget by £301.00, but that’s because I had to get my hair done, plus I was on holiday. I think you’re doing a great job. 🙂

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