Monthly Expenditure Report – September 2012

Expenditures for the month of September 2012

  • Dental Insurance:                                $36.92
  • Health Insurance:                                $67.32
  • Gifts and Charitable Donations:     $460.00
  • Groceries:                                           $249.47
  • Eating Out:                                            $73.95
  • Postage:                                                 $13.00
  • Phone:                                                 $372.00
  • Transportation:                                   $71.00
  • Clothes/Shoes:                                    $28.00
  • Health & Beauty:                                 $46.97
  • Entertainment:                                    $48.99
  • Tips:                                                      $14.05
  • Total                                                  $1481.67

As promised here is my very first monthly expenditure report. Knowing that this was going to be published helped me to be cognizant of my spending. However as you may have noticed I exceeded my goal of $1200 by $281.67. Most of this phone bill was roaming charges from when I was in Canada last month. However, I made changes to the phone plan and my next bill will most definitely not be this high. That $28.00 clothes purchase was for two pairs of shorts and some flip flops. I won’t be making any clothes or shoes purchases for the remainder of the year.

The categories may vary each month. I will have fewer categories some months and more categories in other months. I welcome your questions and comments.

12 thoughts on “Monthly Expenditure Report – September 2012

  1. You are accomplishing an amazing feat, Paula. To be giving so much to charity and as gifts when starting with the amount you are is entriely awesome and admirable. I do not see any rent here? Where are you living? Great that you get to have insurance for so little!! Is this a military retirement thing, and I am curious if it covers catastrophic. I’m waiting to see how much mine will cost, now that I’m single. More like $250/month I think, but it will cover every possible thing, except some alternative Docs, which are my bent, and come out of my pocket. BTW, Just did 50 of my crunches for the first day of Oct. I have a note stuck to my bathroom mirror so I cannot forget. Thanks for being who you are, so clear and strong.

    1. Sarah for the month of SeptemberI I had free accomodations. I am staying with my Aunt. I try to make myself useful by helping with the chores :-). I have Tricare Prime for health insurance and Dental Dental for dental insurance. I believe I am indeed paying a discounted rate for retirees (this is the first time being single has actually helped me.) The single rate is less than the family rate. I do have a co-pay. I haven’t read all the fine print but the covarage is quite inclusive. Insurance can be quite expensive I remember paying $250 a month in my early 20s when I was too old to be covered under my parents and not yet covered by my job.

      1. Hoping you know I wasn’t asking for your specifics on living….glad to hear you are getting such GREAT RATES for insurance! Unheard of in my experience. Must be a benefit of having served our country for so long. I’ll have to ask my son if he’s getting those, probably a bit different as he stopped serving after his experience in Baghdad. I’m sure having you at your Aunt’s is a win/win for you both!

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