Water is a Luxury Item

A lot of the water used in St. Thomas USVI comes from desalination except the rain water captured in cisterns.

Most folks in many parts of the world especially mainland USA don’t really think about where their water come from. You open the tap and water comes out. The end. In some parts of the world it isn’t that simple. Water consumption is closely guarded because the water supply is low and if available is expensive to acquire. The water level in cisterns is measured every few days and rain is a blessing because if it rains the cistern gets water. It’s always good to have a full cistern.

Today it rained. The rain everyone on island has been praying, hoping, and wishing for. Everyone has been talking about how dry it’s been and how much they hope it would rain. It rained but the shower only lasted about 25 minutes. Not enough to be of much use but it rained and everyone was glad.

Usually in my everyday life I try to conserve water but I know I am not always as good at it as I should be. However since my arrival on St. Thomas I’ve been very careful to not waste water. I always remember to shut off the tap while brushing my teeth. I do not run the water while washing dishes. When taking a shower I have been good at getting myself wet, shutting off the water, washing myself and then turning the water back on to rinse off.

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