Live on $1200 a month – Can I do it?



 I’ve been reading all these blogs about folks who are doing long term travel while living on a small budget and enjoying the journey. I’ve been asking myself the question “Can I do that?” and I think the answer is yes. We’ll just have to wait and see won’t we. How did I come up with $1200? It seems to be the average of what they claim to be spending.

For the past few months I seem to have been spending money like there is no tomorrow and not paying attention to how much and how I’m actually spending my money. Starting 1 Sept 2012 I will begin to track my spending. I need to have a better idea of how I spend. I will cut off all unnecessary purchases and make adjustments where necessary.

For those of you who’ve been following my blog you already know that I retired from the Air Force on 1 April 2012. I’ve rented out my house and I’m living with my sister and her family. I’ve given away a lot of my stuff. The rest is packed up in boxes in my sister’s garage and I’ve basically just been traveling around (the United States mainly), with a trip to Canada and two trips to St Martin in between.  

I really want to travel the world and that’s why I need to be free of encumbrances at this time. My journey begins 7 Sept 2012. I have a one way ticket to St. Thomas, from there I will continue on to Dominica and also visit some other Caribbean islands. I haven’t figured out which ones yet. I shall return to the USA towards the end of December because I’m going on my very first cruise (ever). I’ve already paid for it and I’m actually looking forward to it. After the cruise I’m thinking either East Africa or Europe those plans are still up in the air. I’m trying to chase summer so hopefully I’ll be in a warm climate for most of the year. 

Wish I could be like the minimalists, hopefully in time I’ll get there. 


Changing My Mind – A Woman’s Prerogative

If you read my last post starting over again you would have noticed I said I’d be unpacking the boxes in my sister’s garage. Well I’ve changed my mind. Those boxed can wait until next year. I’ve just returned from a 24 day trip and had so much fun that I’ve decided to take another trip. I’ll be leaving on 7 Sept 2012 and won’t be returning until Jan 2013.

On this trip I’ll be tracking my expenses because I’ll be gaging whether long term travel is sustainable on a fixed budget without having to dip into my savings. I’ll be blogging about that trip and making regular posts. Please follow me on this journey. Wish me well