Starting over again

I need to get back to my purpose. My aim is to simplify my life, to make it less stressful and more enjoyable. Tailor it to the kind of life I’ve dreamed about, where I do not have to work for anyone anymore (I do not like the word boss.) Where I can pack up and leave whenever I want. Where I’m not just working to pay bills to keep up appearances by acquiring more stuff. I don’t want to have to maintain all this stuff. In order to accomplish my mission I need to be mindful of the tasks required to fulfill my goal. 

One of the tasks I set for myself was to get rid of stuff I don’t need.

I have gone from a three bedroom house to one bedroom in my sister’s house (granted it’s a very generous sized bedroom but one bedroom all the same.) I have chosen this option because I’m on a quest to get rid of all my unnecessary stuff. I will be doing extensive traveling during the next three years and do not see the value in purchasing a house just to store my stuff. Obviously I don’t miss this stuff because I’ve been doing without it for the last six months and I’m already beginning to forget what is in those boxes.

I’ve already given away some of the stuff and the rest is stored in my sister’s garage. I need to get on the ball and get rid of the rest of that stuff. It’s been a heavy weight on my shoulders. Every time I think of going through that stuff it makes me tired. I have been tempted to just give away the stuff without even opening the boxes, however I realize it would be just pure laziness on my part.

Today I picked up the booklet More Fun Less Stuff starter kit by Betsy Taylor (Center for a New American Dream) and I have resolved to get cracking once and for all. I realize that this stuff is weighing me down and until I get rid of it I won’t be able to move on.