Time flies when you are not ruled by the clock

Since I haven’t been working it seems like my days go by very quickly. I wake up turn around and it’s 1400. February is almost over. I’ve been on leave now for 24 days. I’ve been putting off any kind of exercise whatsoever but it’s about time I finally get my butt in gear.

I’m excited but a little concerned about being a solo, female, black, middle aged, low-budget traveler. Therefore, I’ve been reading a lot of travel blogs and other travel related articles in the name of research to prepare myself for my future round the world travel. Eventually I’ll just need to pick up my backpack, get out there and just do it. Hopefully I’ll be prepared. I know that I can’t plan for every contingency but I’m smart enough to realize that luck favors the prepared.

To kind of get myself into the groove of things I’ll be starting my trip in the Caribbean (comfortable territory). My journey begins in October. On 9 October 2012 I’ll fly from New York to Puerto Rico and from Puerto Rico to St. Thomas. Spend two weeks in St. Thomas and then fly on a one way ticket to Dominica via Antigua. I’m hoping to visit a few other islands and return to New York by mid Decemer  December 2012 for a pre-scheduled engagement. Image


6 thoughts on “Time flies when you are not ruled by the clock

  1. You’re gonna be just fine. I kinda envy you….wish I could afford to take some time off and travel. You & Ziggy will have such fun! 😉

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