Does everyone have just one soulmate?

The world is such a huge place, how can you be sure that you have actually met your soulmate when you haven’t travelled to the far corners of the world?

4 thoughts on “Does everyone have just one soulmate?

  1. I certainly do…..I can’t imagine life without Jackie….I believe there are numerous women that I could get along with and even be happy married to but I know I would never have this deep sense of oneness that I have with her….I think when you have found that one person that practically every thing you do one of your first thoughts is “how will this affect her” then you have found your soulmate…when you care about that one person’s needs more than you do your own, you have found a soulmate……we will be married 31 years this May and I still get that schoolboy feeling thinking about her…the feeling I had when we were dating and just the sight of her excites me….when you are in a room full of people and she is the only one you see, and the knowledge of no matter how far we are apart physically, mentally we are in each others arms….. “she’s talking to me with her voice so low I barely hear her, but I know what she’s saying,,i understand because my heart and hers are the same, true love is not the kind of thing you turn down, don’t ever turn it down”….I hope everyone experiences that kind of love during their life

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